Whether you are fundraising, bidding on a government contract, or creating a Web site or annual report, you're trying to do one thing: tell a compelling story. This is Start Here Project Development's expertise. We match the curiosity, passion, and urgency bubbling beneath your ideas with our own, and we present your vision irresistibly.

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Fund Raising

Ready to drag that great idea of yours into the real world where it can do some good? We connect clients with appropriate funding partners, prepare grant proposals and private requests, and devise correspondence plans that drive donations to your organization.

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Copywriting & Editing

We create and design newsletters and annual reports // We write, edit, and design books and feature articles // We create copy that fits your company’s image: for your Website, your corporate literature, business cards, T-shirts–name it // We develop icons, taglines, and marketing slogans.

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Government Contracts

We prepare your bid for you! We’ve secured multimillion-dollar federal contracts for clients.

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We present your vision IRRESISTIBLY


We wanted to capture the wisdom, insights and experience of the young adult cancer community in a book that would be a go-to resource for those facing cancer in their 20s and 30s. Start Here dove in and became de facto subject matter experts: they triaged existing material, solicited new contributions, wrote much of the original content, and edited the complete assortment into a cohesive, accurate, engaging, and practical guidebook that is an invaluable resource for young adults facing a devastating illness. I still hear how much the book helps people, and I can honestly say that we couldn’t have pulled it off without Start Here.
Heidi Adams, Founder, Planet CancerPresident & CEOCritical Mass Young Adult Cancer Alliance